Tyre changer EMO 24ATS2B

Tyre changer for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with mounting tool for low-profile and run-flat tyres

General features

  • Two-speed technology
  • Pneumatic tilt-back post, adjusted to change tyres on light alloy rims (magnesium and aluminum)
  • Double protection of the mounting head against rim damage: foot rails and an insert replacing the roller
  • Contactless wheel mounting and dismounting
  • Removal of the dismount foot from the rim in two planes
  • Two turntable speeds
  • Plastic protection for bead breaker
  • With mounting tool for low-profile and run-flat tyres (4 rollers)

Additional fittings

  • Universal clamps for motorcycle and ATV tyres (4 pieces)
  • Auxiliary rail for low-profile tyres
  • Plastic head with quick exchange device
  • Dismounting head for motorcycle and ATV tyres with quick exchange device
  • IFL-25 mobile inflator

Technical data

Range of mounted tyres13” to 24”
Wheel rim mountingpneumatic
Central post tilt-backpneumatic
Side post slidingpneumatic
Working arm lockingpneumatic
Working pressure of supplied air0.8-1.0 MPa
Power supply3x400 V / 50 Hz
Motor power1.1 / 0.75 kW
Bead breaker force2000 kg at 1 MPa
Dimensions (Tyre changer)1850 x 1310 x 900 mm
Dimensions (Helper)1200 x 1600 x 1410 mm
Weight (Tyre changer with helper)ca. 350 kg

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